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December, 2020 - FAQ Update coming soon

We constantly get questions about our website so rather than replying each email over and over again we compiled some of the answers here. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

What is NSFWYouTube?

It is a website (in a way a tool/service) that helps you watch YouTube videos without logging in or owning YouTube/Google account. It also allows you to watch YouTube videos on your mobile phone when YouTube displays The content owner has not made this video available on mobile.

So how does this work?

When you encounter a video that asks you to login to YouTube account simply add "nsfw" (without quotes) in front of url and press enter and you can watch the movie.

Example (this video is not protected but we use it just to show you how it works):


If you are viewing Youtube video on mobile and it tells you "The content owner has not made this video available on mobile" then it is simmilar solution:


Why should I use it instead of logging in to my YouTube account?

Maybe you are somewhere on public computer  (library,school etc) and you do not want to sign in with your username/password just to view a funny video that your friend shared because you don't know how safe this computer is or maybe you don't even know your password. It is also very easy and fast  to add just 4 letters to URL. Another benefit is that you remain anonymous - no one can connect your Google account with the video you watched.

So should I even use YouTube service or own Google/YouTube account?

Of course. We encourage everyone to own a Google account because then you can use a lot of great Google services like Gmail, YouTube and so on. This site offer just a quick way to view a YouTube video without logging in some of the cases described in previous question.

I'm afriad you log my private info

Don't be! :) We don't even store your IP address or video you watch . We do NOT store, not even access, any of the info from your browser or computer. We do not store any info about you. We don't even have access to any of your personal info. There are some advertisers on our site that help us with running costs for this site and they might store some info though.

Are you hacking YouTube, doing something illegal?

Absolutelly not, it is not illegal, there is no hacking, nothing like that. Everything on this site is legal. Every single video is stored on Google's Youtube servers.

So how is this possible then?

We do not "hack" or "bypass" YouTube verification or login system. We simply embed YouTube videos per YouTube instructions and display those videos on our site. Sometimes we get video info from Google servers.

But doesn't that mean that people might be exposed to videos on that might be not suitable for some?

First, and are two completely different websites and entities. is in no way affiliated with Google, YouTube and affiliates. It is like your personal blog or site where you embed a YouTube video. Anyone visiting will still have to sign in to view certain videos. Anyone visiting this site or your blog/website containing embedded YouTube videos will be able to see embedded videos.

YouTube deleted a video I wanted to see, can I see it on your site?

No. All videos are stored on YouTube servers. We do not store or download a single video, we only embed it. If the video is deleted from YouTube then it will also not work on our site just like it will not work on any other site that embeded this video.

So can I embed a YouTube videos on my site too?

Of course, YouTube even encourags embeding that is why they have embed code under almost every video. Due to a new YouTube rule, only non age-restricted videos can be embeded and played on your site

Why are there ads on this site?

When we created this site few years ago we never imagined it would become so popular. We're  very happy that people use it and like it. Hundreds of thousands of people use it monthly and page views are in millions per month, bandwidth usage is in hundreds of GBs. The downside is that our hosting bills have gone way up. Normal hosting was not enough anymore, especially at traffic peaks, so we had to switch to more expensive VPS package. We are trying to have as little ads as possible on this site to get back at least a little of the cost. We apologize in advance and hope you will understand.

I like you site, it is very helpful. How can I help?

Happy to hear that. You can support us by visiting our advertisers or you can make a small donation via paypal. Please contact us if you believe you find this service useful and if you believe you can help in any way. Thank you!

1 click login bypass. No more typing! Drag "Bypass YT login" link to your bookmarks bar:

Bypass YT login!

Next time youtube asks you to sign in simply click the bookmarklet!

Instructions: When Google asks you to sign in to watch a protected YouTube video:

type nsfw in front of youtube & press enter!

Q: What is NSFWYoutube & what does it do?